Frequently Asked Questions

To assist you in finding out all your need to know about the FootballCV Academy some of the commonly asked questions are shown below. If the information you need is not available then please contact us to find out more.

Event Details
Where are they held?

We hold events across the United Kingdom, so the venues can differ. We always list the venue on the booking page and send out directions to the venue, two weeks prior to the event taking place.

What are the age limits?

The age limit for a Showcase Game is 25 years of age.

What happens after I have attended the Showcase Game?

Following the Showcase Game, FCV collate all the feedback from the scouts that attended. This is normally within 2-3 weeks of the Showcase Game but can sometimes be longer. FCV would then arrange for yourself and the club to discuss the club’s interest. However, we would always ask you to keep us informed of any developments. Should you ever require advice on contracts or legal matters please contact FCV who in turn can recommend a suitable company to ask for advice.

We only contact successful players who receive feedback from scouts, and we would contact you immediately a club registered their interest in you.

We would ask members not to ring the office on a regular basis enquiring about interest – we can assure you we would contact you immediately – FCV are just as excited about a club’s interest as you are!

Are the Showcase Games recorded?

Yes, we arrange for In-Play Sports to film our Showcase Games. Players will be able to purchase the footage or a bespoke highlights package from In-Play Sports directly. FCV will send out details to all those that attend about how this can be done.

How much do they cost?

As the cost of hiring facilities changes dependant on the venue, this does mean our prices vary also. We always try to offer the best price to all customers.

Why do the booking fees vary?

The fees are based on the costs of hiring the various stadiums. Obviously, a Premier League ground will cost more than a Non-League ground and that is why the fees vary. The fees also cover all the staff and administration costs.

Booking My Place
How do I book a Showcase Game?

Click ‘EVENTS’ along the top banner to see all of our events, then click into the event you wish to book. Once here you call scroll down to the ‘Book Your Place Online’ section, where you will need to select your age group and position. Then follow the instructions to confirm your place.

Alternatively, we can take a booking over the phone, just call the office with the event, age group and position you wish to book. We can then take a debit/credit card payment over the phone. The office is open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and the number is +44 (0)1933 420000

I’m trying to book, but my position is not available

When you book for a Showcase Game the drop-down list will only show the positions that are still available. If your position isn’t shown it means it has sold out.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND MEMBERS BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. All bookings are taken on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

What happens when I make my booking?

Once you have made you booking, you will receive a confirmation email that states the age group and position you have booked. We will then send out all the event details two weeks prior to the event, which will confirm your arrival and kick off time, directions to the venue and what to expect.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

Should you need to cancel your booking please advise FCV at least 5 working days before the Showcase Game by email. You will be refunded your booking fee less 50% of the fee to cover the administration costs and bank charges.

If you cancel your booking less than 5 working days before the Showcase Game we are unable to refund or transfer the booking as the event is closed and we are unable to find replacements.

Whilst FCV understands some reasons for non-attendance are valid, some members fail to turn up without any contact or valid reason. Members who regularly book and cancel or fail to attend will be prevented from making further booking as this prevents others from attending.

International Players
I’m from outside the UK, can I still attend the Showcase Games?

Yes, players from outside the United Kingdom can attend the Showcase Games however FCV are not able to help with any travel expenses incurred. FCV can provide you with an invitation letter to help obtain a visitor visa should you require. This can only be done once a player has officially booked their place and sent in a copy of their passport to

FCV would also like to make players aware of the FIFA International Clearance that would apply to any player over the age of 10 who is seeking to register for a club in England and has previously been registered for a club abroad (including the other Home Associations), or who is a foreign national seeking to register for the first time in this country.

If the player is under the age of 18, they are subject to the provisions of FIFA Article 19. International clearance is applicable at all levels of the game.

Extract of FIFA Article 19 Protection of minors Rule

International transfers of players are only permitted if the player is over the age of 18, unless one of the three exceptions apply.

  1. The player’s parents move to the country in which the new club is located for reasons not linked to football.
  2. The transfer takes place within the territory of the EU or EEA and the player is between 16 to 18 years old. If this the case the club must meet FIFA’s minimum obligations, which includes in England the club competing in the English Football League (which the FCV Academy do not).
  3. The player lives no further than 50 km from the national border and the club is no further than 100 km away from the player’s home.

Work Permits

Non-EU citizens who have received international clearance, would still require a work permit visa under Tier 2 and/or Tier 5 to sign a contract with a club in England that compete at Premier League level down to Step 4 of the non-league pyramid.  A work permit is not required to play for a club from Step 5 of the non-league pyramid and below.

In order to apply for a Governing Body Endorsement from the FA, an applicant club must hold a Sponsor’s licence under Tier 2 and/or Tier 5 of the PBS and thereby be eligible to assign Certificates of Sponsorship.  To be eligible to become a Sponsor and assign Certificates of Sponsorship a club must be a member of The Premier League or The Football League.

The FA PBS criteria is due to be updated on 1st May 2017, the FA have stated no major amendments to the regulations are set to be made.