Catering at FCV International Football Academy

Fuel Your Performance

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and of course Pre Match Meals are freshly prepared by our on site catering team, all meals focus on making sure each student receives the dietary requirements of an elite athlete.


Just a short walk from our cosy accommodation blocks, you’ll find the heart of our academy—the main manor building. This central hub grants exclusive entry to various designated spaces, including our vibrant canteen and the players’ hub.

Our canteen is where the players come together for their daily meals, serving up a diverse array of nutritious meals. Beyond the food options, they enjoy the luxury of unlimited teas, coffees, and drinking water.

Adjacent to the canteen, is our modern kitchen where our dedicated on-site catering team prepare and serve nutritious meals every day. Crafted to cater to the varied dietary preferences of our students—ranging from vegetarian to halal options—our culinary offerings are meticulously designed to energise both their on-field prowess and academic pursuits.

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