Distance Learning Courses

Age range
15-21 years old
Course duration
4 - 24 weeks
Visa requirements for international students
Visitor Visa
Education provider
Various providers

The International Football Academy provide various education options and work closely with the students and their families to determine the right option for them.

Distance Learning through AESA Prep International – a fully accredited online American High School which includes Maths, Science, English and Social Studies

Distance Learning through Cours Legendre a Distance – a fully accredited online French High School which follows the French national course curriculum

There is the possibility for students to continue their current studies by distance learning dependent on their current school’s set up.


Some secondary schools and universities offer their students the option to continue earning credits through distance education. They adhere to the same curriculum as the rest of the students but follow a special plan to complete their assignments from a distance. Options vary greatly from school to school. If you’re interested in this option, you should ask your school counselor if they offer any distance education options.

Enrollment in an online high school for student-athletes

Many accredited online high schools exist for the sole purpose of providing student-athletes with a way to continue their education while they participate in intensive training programs. Students enrolled in these online schools receive full credit for their studies and earn the same credits they would at a normal secondary school.

The right option for you depends on:

  • Your age and grade or academic level
  • Compatibility of education in your home country and destination country
  • Distance education options provided by your current high school or university
Support from International Football Academy

We take education seriously and designate certain hours of the day to class and homework using the recently built on-site study centre. We also require that all students be in good academic standing to participate in training so that the students are more motivated to succeed academically.

We work with and endorse two excellent online high schools for our high-performance academy students based on their credit, personalized plan, coursework, teacher assistance, support for parents, and price. One is American and follows the American education system, and the other is French and follows the French education system.

AESA Prep International

AESA Prep International is a fully accredited online American high school that features a college preparatory curriculum. Students who enroll in the online academy follow the same curriculum, take the same courses, and graduate with the same High School Diploma as students studying at the AESA Prep Academy in Austin, Texas.


AESA Prep International is accredited by AdvancED, the world’s leading accrediting agency. The academy is also NCAA Approved which is critical for any student-athlete wishing to attend/play for a college or university in the United States.

Personalised plan

AESA’s academic advisors work with each student and their families to devise an Individualised Academic Plan, tailored to the students unique academic history.


Each year, students are required to take four “core” courses in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and English. They’re also required to take two to four elective courses, such as Health or Spanish. Students have full access to AESA’s online school, which makes it easy for them to keep up with their studies.

Teacher assistance

Qualified teachers work with the students to make sure that they’re engaged in their coursework and mastering the material. Teachers provide instruction, feedback and support for the student through the online platform, email, and video chat.

Support for parents

Parents have a unique parent account with AESA’s online system that allows them to track their child’s progress and grades as well as interact with teachers.


AESA provides students the flexibility to only pay for the courses they need, so their final cost will depend on their Individualized Academic Plan. That being said, the average full-time student at AESA Prep International pays approximately £5,000 per academic year in addition to the Academy fees.

Cours Legendre à Distance

Cours Legendre à Distance is an online French elementary/high school and a member of CHANED (National Chamber of Private Education at a Distance). Students who enroll in Cours Legendre à Distance follow the French national course curriculum which prepares them for their national exams and for college/university studies.


Legendre Distance Courses is declared to the Rectory of Paris, which allows them to issue official administrative documents and certificates once all homework is completed for a given quarter.

Personalised plan

Upon registration, Cours Legendre sends the students a detailed study plan along with the necessary supplies they need to complete their coursework. This material includes a practical guide and copies of their textbooks.


The students complete all their coursework online, studying 8 to 9 subjects per year. Students will complete 24 units of work per subject for each year, with 1 assignment required for every 2 units of work. To complete each lesson they’ll have to turn in a number of self-correcting exercises and homework assignments. Students have full access to two different online learning platforms. One gives them access to unlimited exercises in mathematics from middle school to high school level. The other allows them to book classes online according to their own schedules and their teachers’ availability.

Teacher assistance

During the course of their studies, qualified teachers assist the students, correct their homework, and provide counsel and advice to both the students and their parents. Students and parents can contact the teaching staff at any time via email or telephone.

Support for parents

Parents have access to a personal online portal where they can review their child’s homework assignments, results (homework grades and progress charts updated in real time), and transcripts and report cards. They can also use the messaging system to communicate with the teaching team at any time.


The exact cost will depend on the level of schooling as well as the student’s individual plan. The average full-time student at Cours Legendre pays approximately £2,000 per academic year in addition to the Academy fees.