FCV Football Academy’s End Of Season Showcase Event

On the 15th of May 2024, FCV International Football Academy hosted its much-anticipated End of Season Showcase event at the iconic Pride Park in Derby. This grand event marked the culmination of a year of hard work, dedication, and growth for the academy’s talented young footballers. The showcase was a testament to the academy’s commitment to developing not only the athletic prowess but also the academic excellence of its players.

Pride Park Football Stadium, Derby.

Pride Park, home to Derby County FC, provided the perfect backdrop for the event. Known for its rich history and vibrant atmosphere, the stadium added a sense of grandeur and professionalism to the proceedings.

Our Head Coach Shane Clarke said: “The chance to play at Pride Park after a great season is an incredible opportunity for our academy players. It’s a reward for their hard work and dedication, and an experience they’ll always remember.”

Our head coach Shane Clarke, coaching at our end of season showcase.Australian Forward Jack, who is on our Football Only Course had this to say: “I’ve really enjoyed my season at FCV Football Academy, playing in a professional stadium for the end of season showcase was the highlight and an experience I’ll never forget”.

The Awards Ceremony: Celebrating Success!

On the day individual awards were given out to players from each of our four squads these included, players player of the year, coaches player of the year and top goal scorer. Additionally, all academy graduates of our Football with Education program received certificates and awards, recognising their dedication and accomplishments as they transition into the next phase of their football journey.

FCV's Top Goalscorer receiving his award, alongside CEO Ann Dyte and Head of Football Grant Brown.

Our Top Goal scorer Shawn (Kenya), who is on our Football with Education course, had this to say: “My experience this year at FCV Football Academy was very good, it was great to play in the category one side against some of the best college football teams. It felt really good to win the top goal scorer award because I’ve worked really hard this season, last season I didn’t score one goal, and the next season I’m top goal scorer so I’m very happy.

Showcase Matches: Football Talent on Display

Following the awards ceremony, the focus shifted to the pitch, where two showcase matches were held. These matches were not only a platform for the players to demonstrate their abilities but also an opportunity for them to perform in front of scouts from various professional clubs.

FCV Football Players Competing in a football match.

The day’s matches were divided into two exciting encounters. In the first match, a blend of Category 1 and Category 2 sides clashed in a display of emerging talent, resulting in a thrilling 1-0 victory for the Reds over the Blues. Following this, the second match featured a mix of Category 3 and 4 sides, with the Whites securing a 2-0 win against the Greens, rounding off a day filled with impressive performances and high-quality football.

Football Trial Success

This season marked a significant milestone for our academy, with several players embarking on trials with professional clubs across England, Europe, and America. These trials provided invaluable opportunities for our talented athletes to showcase their skills on a broader stage and pursue their dreams of playing at the highest levels of the sport.

A Fantastic Experience For All

The End of Season Showcase at Pride Park was more than just a series of matches and an awards ceremony; it was a celebration of the academy’s mission to develop young footballers into exceptional athletes and individuals. The event reflected the hard work of the players, the dedication of the coaching staff, and the support of the families.

For the players, this showcase was a valuable opportunity to experience playing in a professional setting, learn from their performances, and take feedback from scouts and coaches. It also served as a motivation to continue their development, both on the pitch and in the classroom.

The Future Of FCV International Football Academy

Looking ahead to the Next season, FCV are offering a diverse range of pathways and course options for aspiring footballers. These include Football with Education programs, University and Degree courses, Football Only courses and opportunities to join the Men’s Team or U23’s Team for those solely focused on football development. These pathways provide comprehensive support and development opportunities for players to pursue their football ambitions while also ensuring they receive quality education or university qualifications to prepare them for a well-rounded future.

The End of Season Showcase at Pride Park was a fitting conclusion to a year of hard work and dedication at FCV International Football Academy. The event highlighted the achievements of the players, celebrated their growth, and provided a glimpse into the future of football talent. The showcase was not just an end, but a new beginning for these young athletes, filled with promise and potential. Our aim is to be the best football academy in the United Kingdom, providing the best possible experience and progression for our players.

“Our End of Season Showcase at Pride Park was a tremendous success, highlighting the hard work and dedication of our players, coaches, and staff,” said Grant Brown, Head of Football at FCV International Football Academy. “The talent on display was exceptional, and it’s clear that our academy is nurturing future stars both on and off the pitch. We are incredibly proud of all our players’ achievements this season and are eagerly looking forward to building on this success in the coming year.”

How To Join FCV Football Academy

Joining FCV Academy offers several tailored options:

  • Football with Education: Combine academic studies with professional football training, balancing education and sport.
  • Football Only: Focus entirely on football with intensive training, ideal for aspiring professional players.
  • Degree Courses: Pursue higher education while receiving top-level football training.
  • Summer Development Camps: Develop your skills over the summer with high-quality training and experienced coaches.
  • UK Day Student Trials: For local students looking to train and learn at FCV.

Apply Now

Our admissions team will assist you through every step of the application process to ensure you have all the information and details on what is required to join FCV International Football Academy.

  1. Contact Us: Callemail or complete our online enquiry form, providing details about yourself along with your football and academic aspirations.
  2. Interview: Our team will conduct a virtual interview to learn more about you and ensure that FCV is the right fit for your goals.
  3. Application: Following on from your meeting with our admissions team, we will send you an application form the complete.
  4. Acceptance: Once accepted, you’ll embark on an extraordinary journey that combines football excellence and academic achievement.





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