What is Football with Education?

Football With Education at FCV International Football Academy is a unique program that blends top-tier football training with academic studies. It’s a fantastic opportunity for young footballers to pursue their love for football while also receiving a comprehensive education.

Led by UEFA qualified coaches, players refine their skills on the pitch through specialised training sessions and competitive matches. Off the pitch, students engage in a structured academic curriculum supported by dedicated tutors, ensuring they excel both in their athletic pursuits and academic studies.

FCV Players Celebrating Goal

A Typical Day at FCV International Football Academy

A typical education day at FCV Academy begins with breakfast, fuelling our aspiring footballers for the day ahead. After breakfast, we will drive the players the short 20-minute journey to Loughborough College, where they dive into their academic studies.

Guided by experienced tutors, they engage in a structured curriculum tailored to their individual learning needs. From BTEC Diplomas to A levels and Degrees, students tackle a range of subjects, balancing their academic commitments with their passion for football.

Loughborough College at night

At midday, it’s time for a well-deserved lunch break. Players refuel with nutritious meals, preparing them for the afternoon ahead.

After lunch, it’s back to FCV for the afternoon training session. Under the guidance of UEFA qualified coaches, players hit the pitch to refine their skills, focusing on technical drills, tactical strategies, and team bonding exercises.

As the sun begins to set, it’s time to wind down and refuel with dinner. Players gather in the dining hall to enjoy a delicious meal and healthy snacks.

After dinner, players have some free time to relax and unwind. Whether it’s playing games, socialising with teammates, or catching up on schoolwork, there’s always something to do at FCV Academy.

Throughout the day, a strong emphasis is placed on balancing academics with athletics, ensuring that students excel both on and off the pitch. By providing a structured education program alongside high-level football training, FCV Academy prepares players for success in all aspects of life, setting them on the path to a bright and promising future.

Match Day

On Wednesdays at FCV Academy, matchday is a big deal. Before the game, players gather for a pre-match meal to get energised and bond as a team. Then, the coaches talk through the match tactics, helping everyone understand what to do on the pitch. Finally, it’s time for the main event: a 90-minute 11-a-side match. Players give it their all, working together to try and win. Every matchday is a chance for players to grow and showcase their skills.

Image of our Head coach Shane Clarke delivering a team talk

Curious about what life is really like at FCV Academy? Let’s hear it straight from the source – our A-Level Student Keegan.

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Friday 12th April 2024

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