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Ever wondered what it takes to excel on the football pitch, day in and day out? Step into the world of FCV Academy, where passion meets dedication in every training session, match, and meal. Join us as we peel back the curtain on the daily routines of our football-only players, from sunrise breakfasts to sunset drills.

FCV Academy players training at Grace Dieu Manor Park

Monday: Kickstart The Week

The day begins at 8:00 AM as our players gather for a filling breakfast in our dining hall, setting the foundation for the day ahead.

By 10:30 AM, it’s time to lace up their boots and hit the training ground for the morning session. Led by our expert coaches, players dive into drills, tactics, and teamwork, sharpening their skills under the morning sun.FCV players warming up

At 12:30 PM, it’s a well-deserved break for lunch—a chance to refuel and recharge before the afternoon session. With energy replenished, our players are back on the pitch by 2:30 PM, pushing themselves to new heights in pursuit of excellence.

Tuesday: Refining The Craft

With the rhythm of Monday set in motion, Tuesday follows suit. Breakfast at 8:00 AM, followed by a morning training session at 10:30 AM, lunch at 12:30 PM, and another intense afternoon session at 2:30 PM. It’s a day of refinement, as players hone their skills and focus on areas for improvement ready for match day.

Wednesday: Matchday Mentality

As midweek arrives, so does the excitement of matchday. Prior to kick-off, our players gather for a pre-match meal, fuelling up for the challenge ahead. Following this, they engage in tactical analysis and a pre-match meeting to fine-tune their strategies. Finally, they take to the pitch for a fiercely competitive match, ready to showcase their skills!

FCV Player in competitive football match


Thursday: Recovery and Rejuvenation

After the intensity of matchday, Thursday is dedicated to recovery. Breakfast at 8:00 AM is followed by a session in the gym or swimming pool, focused on rejuvenating tired muscles and minds. Lunch at 12:30 PM provides the nutrients needed for recovery, while the afternoon offers a chance to rest and recharge.

Swimming Pool at Grace Dieu Manor Park

Friday: Finishing Strongly

As the week nears its end, our players wrap up with another day of training. Breakfast at 8:00 AM as normal, the morning session at 10:30 AM and afternoon session at 2:30 PM offers another chance to hone their skills.

Saturday and Sunday: Rest & Recovery

The weekend kicks off with breakfast served promptly at 8:00 AM on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. On Saturday, the day begins with a lively training session at 10:30 AM, designed as a fun and interactive opportunity for players to enjoy the sport they love while honing their skills. It serves as the final session of the week, providing a chance to wrap up on a high note.

The remainder of the weekend is dedicated to leisure and bonding activities with our residential team, allowing players to unwind, recharge, and engage in enjoyable pursuits. It’s a time for both rest and recovery, ensuring our players are ready to tackle the challenges of the week ahead with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Fun Filled Evenings

In the evenings, after a day filled with intense training and thrilling matches, our players come together for a well-deserved dinner. On select evenings, our residential team organises engaging quizzes and games, adding an extra layer of excitement to the atmosphere. Additionally, our players have access to pool and ping pong tables, providing opportunities for friendly competition and relaxation. It’s all part of the experience at FCV Academy, where enjoyment off the pitch is just as important as on-field enjoyment.

FCV Academy player using our on-site pool table.

At FCV Academy, every day is an opportunity to push boundaries, chase dreams, and unlock potential on the football pitch. Join us on this journey where dedication, discipline, and determination reign supreme.


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