Who We Are

Elevating Football Careers and Academic Dreams

At FCV International Football Academy, our mission is to elevate the football careers and academic dreams of talented individuals aged 14 and above. We offer a comprehensive range of courses, from one week to three years, in a residential setting equipped with top-quality football facilities and high-standard accommodation. We aim to inspire our students to reach new heights in football and education.

⚽ UK’s First Private Football Academy: FCV International Football Academy holds the distinction of being the UK’s very first private football academy, emphasising its commitment to providing a unique and specialised football education.

⚽ Elite Coaching Team: Our academy stands out with its exceptional coaching staff composed of UEFA qualified coaches and former professional footballers.

⚽ Daily Training Regime: One of our key differentiators is our rigorous daily training program. Our students engage in daily training sessions that foster skill development, tactical understanding, and physical conditioning, setting them on a path to football excellence.

⚽ Competitive Match Opportunities: At FCV, we don’t just focus on training; We provide regular opportunities for our students to participate in high-quality matches, where they can apply what they’ve learned in a real-game setting.

⚽ Diverse Educational Courses: FCV offers a range of educational courses, including A Levels and BTEC Level 3 Extended Diplomas, delivered in collaboration with Loughborough College, a renowned centre for sporting excellence.

⚽ Language and Training Courses: The academy provides English language and additional training courses, further enhancing the educational opportunities for its students.

⚽ Proven Track Record: The academy’s high-quality training has resulted in former students achieving success at professional football clubs around the world, and even at the national team level, as well as studying at university in the UK, Europe, USA, underscoring its ability to nurture talent.

⚽ Prime Location: Situated at Grace Dieu Manor Park in Leicestershire, the academy enjoys access to top-class football facilities, including small sided and full-size football pitches, swimming pool, sports hall, and gym.

⚽ Exceptional Accommodation: The academy’s accommodations are of the highest quality, featuring en-suite rooms, study areas, games rooms, and on-site canteen, ensuring a comfortable and conducive learning environment.

⚽ Comprehensive Extracurricular Activities: Beyond football and academics, the academy offers a rich array of activities, including seminars, workshops, football game visits, guest speakers from the world of football, team-building exercises, and more, enriching the overall experience.

⚽ Life-Changing Experience: Joining FCV International Football Academy is presented as a potentially life-changing decision for individuals with the talent and aspiration to develop both on and off the pitch, emphasising the academy’s dedication to helping students achieve their dreams.

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