All players will have access to FCV Academy’s qualified physiotherapists, and students living onsite will also be registered with local medical and dental practices. Our approachable welfare team will also support FCV Academy students in working through any requirements or challenges that they are facing.

FCV Academy staff members all have Criminal Record Checks and the minimum requirements of FA Emergency Aid and Safeguarding certificates.

We propose that parents take out private medical insurance to cover any major health issues. Residential staff can help with opening bank accounts, provide visa support and help to gain with part-time work with local businesses if the Visa allows.

All students will be provided with three meals per day cooked by our on site chef, who can cater for any dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian, halal and kosher. All the players football kit is provided to the students and washed by the housekeeping staff, with students being responsible for all their own personal laundry with access to the academy laundry room.

Our aim is to equip our students for life after the Academy so wherever they go, whether it be a life at University or a Football club, they will be able to easily adapt.