August development camp an international success
August development camp an international success
Posted Wednesday 29th August 2018

FCV Academy’s August Development Camp was a huge success according to Head Coach Grant Brown following the awards ceremony that capped 43 students’ stay in Stamford.

The players were put through two weeks of full-time football training alongside benefitting from visits to professional matches and guest speakers passing on pearls of wisdom. The students also gained experience from living in the Garden House — FCV’s accommodation — together to get a full taste of the FCV Academy life.

“The camp was a great success,” beamed Brown.

“All of the coaches spoke very highly of the players’ ability and commitment. It was a tough camp for the lads with double sessions each day but they applied themselves very well and gave their all.

“A lot of the players have asked about our full-time programme at the Academy and are hoping to join us in September or January, which is promising as there was some real talent on show. We’ll certainly be able to develop that should they come to us on a full-time basis.”

During the camp, players were split into two groups based on their age, and awards were given out to each group at the end of the two-week period.

Awards were given for Coaches’ Player, Players’ Player and Most Improved Player, which Brown stressed is for those players who made a strong contribution during the camp both on and off the football field. The awards were given out by Brown, who made a comment on each of the winners.

Older age group

Coaches’ Player: Rane Moffat — Sydney, Australia

“Moffat won a place on the two week camp and showed us why. He is calm, technically good, difficult to get past, very competitive with a great desire to win and a really good person who was great around the Garden House.”

Players’ Player: Hardik Bhatt — Mumbai, India

“Hardik impressed his teammates and coaches with his technical ability, energy and attitude. He’s a tough competitor but also very humble.”

Most Improved Player: Sikhusele Joyi — South Africa

“He started a bit slowly but got better and better each day. Neat and tidy midfielder who looked to get on the ball to make himself available to get on the ball as much as possible. Scored a fantastic goal from outside the box in the Showcase Game capping off an excellent performance.”

Younger age group

Coaches’ Player: Javier Saguar Cascelles — Spain

“A very good goal scorer who takes up good positions to link up play. Always looking to get a shot off he can score all types of goals. Plenty of self-belief which is vital for strikers. He scored five goals in the two showcase matches.”

Players’ Player: Munashe David Chakuchichi — Zimbabwe

“Munashe was only with us for the second week of camp but made such an impression on his teammates with his tough tackling and cultured left foot that he was a clear winner of the players’ vote — he was very impressive. He was one of 11 students that visited us following my visit to the country earlier this year.”

Most Improved Player: Mahaux Benjamin — France

“Mahaux was a quiet lad who grew in confidence as the camp went on culminating in him scoring two very good goals in the showcase match. Looked to put in to practice in games what we had worked on in the training sessions.”

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