Short Course without Education

The FCV International Football Academy welcomes students from all around the world.

Short course fees of £799 per week include all coaching, matches, kits, equipment, entertainment, accommodation, transport to and from training, and three meals a day for seven days a week.

With a team of residential wardens available 24 hours a day, we take your safety and enjoyment very seriously, ensuring we create the best environment for you to achieve your footballing goals.


One Week to Six Months Short Course:

  • Decide the duration and when you wish to attend.
  • Book a specific short course package or build your own through our website.
  • Alternatively request our short course booking forms be sent to you through emailing and return once received, along with the required payment.
  • Confirmation letters of booking will be issued via email.
  • Confirm if you require a visitor visa and learn how to obtain one.
  • Apply for a visa if required through the relevant embassy.
  • Complete and return further Academy registration forms as instructed.
  • Make travel arrangements.
  • Inform FCV International Football Academy of Visa confirmation (if applicable) and travel arrangements. Airport Transfers can be arranged.
  • Join the Academy.

The process of applying varies slightly depending on what course you are registering for, but we will be happy to explain and guide you through the entire procedure.