Your step by step guide to joining us

Two year full-time Course:

  1. Student will need to attend an Open Day and play in a trial match. If successful, an official offer will be sent.
  2. Accept the offer by completing relevant forms, terms & conditions and return with first instalment of fees by the deadline set.
  3. Confirm if you require a tier 4 student visa and learn how to obtain one.
  4. If you require a student visa, it is likely you will need to prove your knowledge of English Language, this can be done through arranging and sitting a recognised qualification such as the IELTS test.
  5. The College will conduct an interview (face to face or Skype) with curriculum staff to ensure that the course is appropriate and that you understand the course content. Once this has been completed the College will proceed with the CAS application to issue the student visa.
  6. Apply for a visa if required through the relevant embassy.
  7. Complete and return further Academy registration forms as instructed.
  8. Make travel arrangements.
  9. Inform FCV International Football Academy of Visa confirmation (if applicable) and travel arrangements. Airport Transfers can be arranged.
  10. Join academy.
  11. Enjoy.

The process of applying varies slightly depending on what course you are applying for, and we will be happy to explain and guide you through the entire process.