Peter Odemwingie praises FCV Academy during visit

“The training centre here is great for the players and the pitches are really nice and well looked after.”

A part of FCV Academy’s Summer Development Camp former Nigerian International Peter Odemwingie came to Stamford to talk to our group of players about his career and developing himself as a young player.

The main focus of his talk was around preparation and making yourself a player that is strong both physically and mentally. He also took the time to explain to the FCV Academy students the simple things he worked on to make himself a better player.

“When I was about 15 years old, I was very one footed. I was always looking to shift the ball onto my right side, and it meant that I was couldn’t make the most of some goalscoring chances.”

“After a conversation with my dad about how best I could improve I spent the next few years focusing massively on improving my left foot and would spend hours a week passing and shooting with my left.”

“It wasn’t easy, but it made me a far better player and some of the best goals I scored in the Premier League were with my left foot.”

Odemwingie spent three years at Lille where he scored two goals at the San Siro against AC Milan in the Champions League. He also spent three years at West Bromwich Albion playing in the Premier League and won three Player of the Month Awards.

When asked what he thought was the best piece of advice he had ever received he said, “to be patient”.

“When I was young I had quite a small frame and was often told that I was too small and skinny to be a professional player.”

“It wasn’t until I was 22/23 that I became fully developed so I had to be patient until then and at that point my football went up a level.”

Following his question and answer session and a meet and greet, Peter got an opportunity to have a look around our training complex and see the players in action as he stayed to observe the afternoon training session. He was very impressed with the facilities available to the players and also spoke highly of the drills set up by Coach Grant Brown.

“The training centre here is great for the players and the pitches are really nice and well looked after.”

“Coach Grant has also devised a great session for the boys to take part in today, one that tests their ability to finish with both feet.”

“You can really see the players taking on board his feedback and some of the finishing today was very good.”

Odemwingie also made 60 international appearances for Nigeria, winning a silver medal with the team at the 2008 Olympic Games. The players on our summer camp from Nigeria were particularly excited to meet him during his visit with many of them looking up to him when they were younger.

“It was very inspirational to meet him. I dream of being a Premier League player and to listen to someone who has done it is great for us,” said Yussuf Al-Ameen.

Babawale Bailey added, “him driving all the way here to come and speak to us really motivates me to listen to what he said and work on improving the simple parts of my game”.

The FCV Academy staff are all very grateful to Peter for attending our Summer Camp and taking the time to speak to the players and take photos with them.

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