FCV Excel in First Match Back
FCV Excel in First Match Back
Posted Thursday 1st April 2021

FCV Stamford played their first match this year, following the national Covid restrictions, with a very impressive performance against a Northampton Town Academy team.

Despite FCV going down 1-0 they were up against a pro club academy team who have been able to play throughout the lockdown as an ‘elite’ team and whist fitness levels were always going to play a part Head Coach, Grant Brown, was proud of the performance. “Some of these boys have only be back with us for a few days and I thought every player was a credit to the Academy. I think all of us were delighted to be back playing a match”.

The match is part of the partnership FCV have with EFL club Northampton Town and will be back playing another of their academy teams next Wednesday. Prior to this FCV play AFC Stamford this weekend with full-time training having also commenced this week. This season will continue until May 21st and will be followed by a series of Summer Camps with the 2021/22 season commencing on September 6th.

For players still looking to join us on a short course between now and May we can provide quarantine and early release testing to allow players to join the football course within a week. All enquiries should be made to ‘info@internationalfootball.academy’


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