FCV Academy growing with Hong Kong partners Sportsync
FCV Academy growing with Hong Kong partners Sportsync
Posted Saturday 14th September 2019

FCV International Football Academy’s growing presence across the world has taken another step forward, enhancing its relationship with Sportsync.

Based in Hong Kong, Sportsync helps athletes create CVs and network with other athletes, coaches and sports organisations.

Sportsync’s mission to create career opportunities for sportspeople conjoins perfectly with FCV Academy. The partnership allows Sportsync’s footballers to make connections in England, and perhaps gives them the chance to follow the footsteps of the many successful alumni to have spent time in Stamford.

Likewise, Sportsync has a growing reputation across Asia and provides FCV Academy with another Eastern connection as it increasingly provides footballing opportunities across the world.

As a result of the partnership, four aspiring footballers have been spending time at the Borderville Sports Complex during a summer camp.

“The most impressive thing is the way that they have all interacted with the other footballers at the Academy; a group of players from all over the world,” said Ian Sampson, a UEFA A License coach here at FCV Academy.

“It’s never easy to come to a different country and get settled, but it’s a chance to learn from English coaches and experience a different culture, and they are taking everything on board.

“When they go home, they will look back at this experience and I’m sure they will be desperate to come back here again in the future.”

Paul Srach, a Sportsync representative, visited Stamford at the start of August and caught up with the senior staff at FCV Academy, as well as Sportsync’s young footballers who are making their mark.

“It’s different from our country, but the boys told me they are happy here,” said Paul.

“We have many benefits from the partnership between FCV Academy and Sportsync, as they can provide more opportunities for the boys to make a career in professional football.”

The boys themselves have spoken fondly of their time in Stamford and feel as though they have settled into the FCV Academy ‘family’ this summer.

Fifa Mattew McArthur said, “The experience of waking up early in the morning, eating a healthy breakfast, training, it all feels very professional.”

Meanwhile “Tiger” Siranat Keereerat told us, “The coaches are all at a really high level. All of us players are still getting to know each other and there is a healthy competitiveness between all of us.”

Pedro Henrique Adarillo Silva added, “I feel very comfortable in the house, the guys are all very friendly and it feels like I’m part of a team.

“The training has been intense which is very good as I can improve my understanding of the game and be a better player.”

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