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Age range
15-21 years old
Course duration
4 - 24 weeks
Visa requirements for international students
Visitor Visa
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International Football Academy have partnered with the Institute of Sport (iSport) to provide students with a greater range of education choices when joining the academy.

iSport is an innovative training and education platform, based in Australia, that offers courses to those looking to get into the management and business side of sport. The team at iSport combines 30 years of practical experience within the industry with globally based experts to offer a unique sports education experience.

Project Management for Sport and Events

Sport and event practitioners manage diverse projects and harness a wide variety of resources to meet tight goals, undertaking activities such as managing events, facility construction, promotional campaigns as well as scheduling leagues, developing programs and setting up competitions. Project Management for Sport and Events is a tailored, 12 module online course designed to equip participants with practical skills in project management.

Built by, and for, industry professionals students will learn and apply project management skills and knowledge within a critical yet intuitive framework for success totally relevant to football, sport generally and sport events. The course also features practical activities, optional webinars and ongoing individual mentoring.

Importantly, students will also gain a globally acknowledged professional certification through our sister organisation the Institute of Project Management.

Global Football Leadership Hub

This is a group of four online courses designed to complement and extend your football education through exposure to a range of critical soft skills arranged around leadership. The courses can be taken individually or as one and include:

The Basics of Football Leadership

The leader is the director of the action and the inspiration to perform. She or he is the person in the group that possesses the combination of personality and leadership skills that makes others want to follow their direction.

That said, whatever our perspective we should always remember that leadership is difficult to define and leadership means different things to different people. One thing is for sure however…

Leadership is not defined by age, gender, race or financial class. Rather, it is defined by actions, vision, and passion…

Communication for Football Leaders

As footballers we use communication to:

relate to others… socially connect… greet… call attention… share feelings… express an opinion… agree… disagree… explain… share information… question… answer… tease… bargain… negotiate… argue… captain… manipulate… compliment… comment… protest… complain… describe… encourage… coach… instruct… provide feedback… show humour… discuss interests… be polite… make friends… express interest…

Communication therefore, is much, much more than merely talking.

Personal Branding for Football Leaders

Whilst the idea of attaching a brand to a business is commonplace, the idea of creating a brand for ourselves isn’t something many of us take the time to do. Instead our brand just organically develops and we may not really be consciously aware of what it is or how others perceive us.

In a world where cut through and getting noticed is becoming more and more important, our ability to identify, create, cultivate and communicate our own personal brand directly affects how well, and how much, we influence the world around us.

Not to emphasise it too much… the fact is, whether you’ve defined it yet or not, you already have a personal brand. For some people like the Kardashian’s and the Beckham’s – they are a brand!

Bounce Up: A Sport Approach to Resilience

Resilience means many things to people. Definitions from the dictionary include things like flexibility, suppleness, durability, strength, speed of recovery and buoyancy. “It is not about how you get knocked down, but how you get back up!” In short, resilience is the ability to recover and move on in the face of tough situations and to avoid becoming a victim of helplessness. It is being able to “bounce back” from life’s struggles.

Being resilient can help you manage stress, lower your chances of depression, and has even been proven to make people live longer!

This guide will give you tips and strategies to know what strengths you currently have and what ones you can develop through training and practice.

Practical Sport Management

For many people, sport is a leisure time activity and a hobby but increasingly sport is accepted as an industry in its own right and a commercial activity that requires management. This 12 module, premium iSport course provides you with dedicated sport management skills and knowledge totally contextualised to the business of sport.

It is geared towards ensuring the understanding of the global context of sport management and allows you to have an appreciation of the scope of sport management as an athlete, administrator, business owner, volunteer or indeed through any involvement with sport.

This course is totally hands on and you will learn practical skills that can be applied on a daily basis within your sporting organisation.

If you require further information or have any questions, please email us or call from within the UK on 01933 420000 (option 1) or from outside the UK +44 1933 420000 (option 1).